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Pre-Orders for Far Cry 5 Standard, Deluxe and Father edition for PS4 and Xbox One are now being accepted in all Datablitz branches nationwide!

From the savage mountain forest to the hamlet of Fall's End, freely explore Montana's rivers, lands, and skies in true Far Cry style, with more customizable weapons and vehicles than ever before. Carve your own path through a world that reacts to your decisions. Find your own way to survive, thrive, and beat back the forces of oppression. The stakes have never been higher.

• Far Cry 5 Day One Standard Ed. PS4/ XB1
• Far Cry 5 Deluxe Ed. PS4
• Far Cry 5 The Father Ed. PS4*

Day One Standard edition includes:
• Doomsday Prepper Pack**

Deluxe Edition includes: 
• Game
• Deluxe ULC leaflet
• Ace Pilot Pack
• Chaos Pack
• Explosive Pack
• Map 
• Official Soundtrack
• Deluxe slipcase
• Doomsday Prepper Pack**

Father Edition includes:
• Game
• Deluxe ULC leaflet
• Ace Pilot Pack
• Chaos Pack 
• Explosive Pack
• Map
• Official Soundtrack
• artbook 
• 31cm figurine
• Collector's box
• Collector's outerbox
• Doomsday Prepper Pack**

Preorder Bonus: Exclusive Far Cry 5 T-shirt + Poster

Preorder Downpayment:
FC5 PS4/ XB1: P500
FC5 Deluxe Ed. PS4: P500
FC5 The Father Ed. PS4: P2,000

Estimated SRPs:***
FC5 PS4/ XB1: P2,400 - P2,700
FC5 Deluxe Ed. PS4: P2,500 - P2,800
FC5 The Father Ed. PS4: P5,500 - P6,000

Tentative release date: March 27, 2018****

* The Father Edition is extremely limited
** While supplies last
*** Prices indicated are only estimates and can vary slightly upon release.
**** The release date provided above is only preliminary and is subject to change.
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